NAFTO S.A. was established in 2013 and conducts business activities in all segments of the Chemical Industry with particular emphasis on Refineries and Petrochemical Plants as well as in the Energy Sector.

Despite a short, although very intense history we have succeeded in winning the trust of demanding Clients in Power Plants and Refineries in Poland and the EU, where the quality of our services, with particular emphasis on the care about safety at work and environment, has been noticed and appreciated.

Intensive development allowed NAFTO S.A. to constantly and successively increase employment. Our team of over 350 employees is composed mainly of specialists with several years of experience in execution of projects both in the country and abroad. Our best specialist have been working in the sector for 10 to 30 years.

We continuously improve our company by obtaining certificates concerning standard requirements and most of all safety of human resources, including a fully implemented and certified SCC 2008/5.1 Petrochemical system and ISO 9001. The Company complies with requirements of the basic codes applicable in the sector, i.e. EN ISO 3834-2, EN 1090-1, 2014/68/EU and UDT qualifications concerning production of pressure vessels and pipelines.

Client satisfaction is the core mission of NAFTO S.A. that is why we use most recent technologies at all stages of execution of projects. We build business relations on credibility, reliability and professionalism. Interaction based on partnership allows us to increase efficiency as well as to create procedures protecting production processes.

We compete in the market observing the highest standards of professional ethics. We invest in improvement of safety at work promoting the ‘Safety comes first’ principle and the ‘Zero accidents’ policy. We successively reduce the negative impact of our activities on the environment and work environment.

Our offer

NAFTO operates in all sectors of chemical industry, including particularly refineries and petrochemical plants as well as in the power generation industry. We offer the following scope of services:


•  Prefabrication of complete pressure and non-pressure pipings

•  Prefabrication of steelwork of any type and complexity degree, focusing on direct fired heaters and Waste Heat Recovery Units (WHRU’s)

•  Prefabrication of coils for direct fired heaters

•  Modularization of convection modules for direct fired heaters, skids and equipment

•  Corrosion protection


· Non-destructive testing of welded joints:

– visual
– radiography
– magnetic-powder
– penetration
– manual ultrasonic testing
– semi-automatic ultrasonic PA

· Determination of chemical composition by X-ray fluorescence

· Hardness measurement using the UCI method

· Determination of delta ferrite content

· Heat treatment after welding with portable resistance heaters

· Pressure and leak tests


•  Construction of complete greenfield or brownfield industrial installations comprising, among others, erection of support structures, pipings, equipment and direct fired heaters

•  Levelling and aligning of machines and rotary equipment

•  Construction of complete tank farms and storage tanks, which are used for storing liquids and gases

•  Revamp and renewal of industrial plants during TAR’s

•  Corrosion protection

•  Refractory lining

•  Thermal and noise insulation


If you have information on the occurrence of a breach of common law or a violation of internal regulations of NAFTO S.A., you can report it using the following access channels:

– electronically via the form on the website:
– by telephone at: +48 608 286 745

The Company ensures the anonymity of the person reporting the violation, as well as the verification of the report in accordance with the provisions of the document
‘Regulations of reporting breaches of law at Nafto S.A.

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